Who does a Realtor represent? We’re glad you asked. Here’s

 the unexciting answer.


Minnesota law requires that early in any real estate

relationship, real estate brokers or salespersons discuss with

consumers what type of agency representation or

relationship they desire.


A home seller who lists the property for sale with a broker or

salesperson of a broker, contracts with that brokerage to

represent them, the seller. The broker who represents the

seller owes to the seller fiduciary duties, as described below.

A Buyer may hire an agent or broker to represent them in the

purchase of a property. The broker or salesperson acts on the

Buyer’s behalf and owes to this client the same fiduciary

duties listed below.


The Fiduciary duties mentioned above are:

   LOYALTY: – broker/salesperson will act only in client’s

best interest

   OBEDIENCE: – broker/salesperson will carry out all client’s

lawful instructions

   DISCLOSURE: – broker/salesperson will disclose to client all

material facts of which broker/salesperson has knowledge

which might reasonably affect the client’s use and enjoyment

of the property

   CONFIDENTIALITY: – broker/salesperson will keep client’s

confidences unless required by law to disclose specific

information (such as material facts to Buyers)

   REASONABLE CARE: – broker/salesperson will use

reasonable care in performing duties as an agent

   ACCOUNTING: – broker/salesperson will account to client

for all client’s money and property received as agent


There’s another agency relationship that requires

explanation and consent of both parties: Dual Agency. To

learn more about Dual Agency, call us for a private

consultation and to discuss the role of a Facilitator as well.


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