Between our long winter and extended quarantine, people

are embracing the warm weather more than ever! Trees are

leafing out, flowers are blooming and the summer sounds of

lawn mowers, children biking and playing, are boosting

everyone’s morale. It’s wonderful to see our neighbors are out

walking, gardening, grilling and visiting with one another.

As we begin preparing our homes and yards for summer,

there are a few things that we can do that often get

overlooked. Winters can be unkind to our homes and to

preserve its value and safety, it’s important to keep our homes

in peak condition. Aside from remodeling projects to keep

the house “current”, there are numerous maintenance

projects that should be addressed every year. Here’s a short

list of suggestions.


• Test your sump pump before the ‘rainy’ season. It can be

as simple as raising the float arm to hear it run.

• Remove dryer lint with a vacuum cleaner. Excess

accumulations of lint have been known to cause fires.

• Reverse ceiling fans (after cleaning the blades) to keep

rooms cooler in warmer weather.

• Check sinks, showers, and bathtubs to see if it is time to

re-caulk or unclog drains.

• Replace smoke detector batteries.


• Check gutters and downspouts for debris and that they

properly direct rain water away from the house.

• Trim overgrown limbs and branches from your house.

Rubbing branches can damage siding and roofs.

• Wash windows and repair screens.

• Tune up your A/C system and keep your compressor free

of leaves and cottonwood.

• Schedule a cleaning if you are on a septic system.

• Check deck railings and playground equipment for safety


Keeping your home in good shape enhances your comfort,

safety, and property value. And your neighbors will thank

you. Please note that some projects, such as trimming

branches from your roof, should be handled by a skilled,

licensed contractor. Be safe and let us know if you need


A well-maintained house sells faster and often for more

money. When you are ready to move forward, Camarata

Numrich are the only SW Metro Realtors who combine

integrity, experience, and professionalism to elevate your

lifestyle and exceed your expectations.