We are asked this question frequently and the short answer is

YES, staging helps sell a house.

One misperception that must be addressed up front is that

your house may or may NOT look like what you see on the

TV programs. It’ll look great when we’re finished, however.

So, what is staging and how does it work?

“Staging is NOT just decorating, it is marketing. Staging is a

more sophisticated approach to preparing a home for the

market. Staging is a science supported by industry statistics.

When you are marketing anything, you focus on appealing to

the largest potential number of buyers. Your home needs to

become a product. Unlike decorating or design that is

tailored to a specific person’s taste or style, staging is done

objectively and in an unbiased manner. After staging, your

home should look polished, cohesive, and functional,” says

Dusty Strahan, of Kreg Staging and Design.

In a recent national study by the Real Estate Staging

Association, of 634 homes, un-staged houses spent an

average of 107 days on market (DOM) before staging. After

staging, these houses sold on average in 25 days. Houses that

were staged prior to going on the market sold on average in

18 days.

According to the National Association of Realtors, the most

commonly staged rooms when selling are: 93% living room,

84% kitchen, and 78% master bedroom. In addition to fewer

days on the market, staged houses typically sell for more

money. Depending on price range, market conditions, and

other factors, it is not uncommon to see staged houses sell for

1-10% more than un-staged properties.

The bottom line is that staging a house, as well as pricing it

appropriately, will help sell your house quickly, so you can

move on with your life.