Oh no. Does your house really have mold? Are there dark splotches on the walls? Do you smell it but not see it?

The best way to determine if your house has mold is to hire a professional inspector. Since there are so many different types of mold, some of which are harmless and easily treatable, while some other types of mold can be deadly. One house in Texas years ago had to be torn down because it was so riddled with deadly mold.

Mold thrives on moisture and loves the dark. One of the first steps is to look for signs of water penetration … a leaky faucet, a wet, cracked foundation wall, faulty appliance or even a damaged roof. Again, you may need to hire a professional who has the training and experience to detect sources and recommend solutions.

Can you fix it yourself? If you’re handy, certainly. It’s best to first search on the web and/or visit your local hardware store for guidance. Once again, the best solution is to hire a professional. Be safe. Remain healthy. Enjoy your home.