Some homeowners want their caves and others want their sheds, but how do these style-specific spaces affect a home’s value? While some potential buyers may appreciate the presence of dude digs or a pink palace, others may not find them as appealing. Here are 3 considerations regarding the potential value these spaces may add to your home.

MARKET DEMAND: The desirability of a man cave (MC) or a she shed (SS) can vary based on the local real estate market and neighborhood. In some areas, having a well-designed space dedicated to one theme might be an attractive feature that could possibly impact the home’s value. In other markets, perhaps not.

VERSATILITY: One drawback of a MC or SS is that it’s often overly designed for a specific purpose. If, however, your custom space can be easily converted into a home office, guest room, or additional living area, it may be more valuable to potential buyers.

QUALITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: The quality of construction, finishes and amenities can also impact the perceived value of a MC or SS. If the space is well-designed, professionally finished and incorporates high-quality materials, it may very well add more value at resale.

While a well-designed and versatile man cave or she shed might increase property value, the actual impact can be subjective and dependent on various factors, such as zoning and utility connections. It’s best to consult with your REALTOR for guidance.